Chainlink Fence

Chain-link fence systems are the most widely used fence system from past to present. The chain-link fences are manufactured as Galvanized Chain-Link Fences and Glv&PVC Coated Chain Link Fences. It is possible to manufacture with different mesh size and height based on the area of use.

Where to Use

Chain Link Fences are usually used in both residental, industrial areas. Farms, agricultural areas, factory sites, petroleum sites can be scured this type of fence.

Technical Details

Definition Options
Mesh Sizes 30 x 30 mm - 35 x 35 mm - 40 x 40 mm - 45 x 45 mm - 50 x 50 mm - 60 x 60 mm - 70 x 70 mm - 80 x 80 mm - 90 x 90 mm
Wire Dia. GLV Ø2,0 mm - Ø2,3 mm - Ø2,5 mm - Ø2,7 mm - Ø3,0 mm - Ø4,0 mm
Wire Dia. PVC Ø3,00 mm - Ø3,3 mm - Ø3,5mm - Ø4,0 mm - Ø4,5 mm - Ø4,75 mm
Fence Height 80 cm - 605 cm
Roll Length 10 m - 15 m - 20 m
Coating min 30g/m2 - max 366 g/m2
Standard EN 10218 - EN 10223 - EN 10244

Please visit our SOLUTIONS page for more details and drawings. If the ground is soil, the posts are installed by concreting the base of pole, or if the ground is concrete, they are mounted by anchor screw. Posts are positioned at every 3 meters or reguested intervals. Braces are used at every 30 meters or 45 meters or 60 meters for support purposes. After the installation of posts is completed, 2-3 or 4 lines of tension wire are drawn depending on the fence height. The installation is completed by connecting the chain-link fence material to the tension wire with tie wire. Optionally, Razor wire or barbed wire can be drawn over the wire mesh. But You can see our standard products dimensions below.

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