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Welcome to integrated security fencing specialists Asfence which is the trademark of KKS Engineering Ltd in Istanbul, Turkey specialised in security fence systems and Gate Automation systems since 1992. KKS Engineering is known as ASCIT/ ASFENCE. We have earned the reputation in metal fencing solutions for everyone's needs, whether an individual looking for home security fence or a big institution for high security solutions like barbed wires in Turkey. We offer an extensive range of chain link fence, galvanized fence, razor wires, wired fence etc.

If you require sports field fence for the ground perimeter or temporary fence in Turkey to quickly secure the area to protect lives & property, we can assist you in complete cost effective customised fencing solutions.We can screen the complete area with fence screen in Turkey. Asfence also provides mobile fence in turkey which is popular for its unique set of features like low maintenance. Mostly, metal fence in Turkey are either hot dip galvanised fence or galvanized steel fence, Asfence provides them with matching colors so they go with the surrounding environment. We also provides stylish range of swing gates in turkey which are not only robust & rust resistant but also compatible with the design theme. We also have dedicated staff for home security fence solutions in Turkey, which also complement the house architecture & interior design theme. Asfence’s welded mesh fencing solutions are versatile and precisely designed. Manufactured from wire mesh or woven mesh, with clear lines and bespoke printing solutions, the security metal fence panels are easy & simple to install. We also deals in barbed wire arms in turkey to uphold the barb wire strongly. We also have innovative double wired mesh fence in Turkey, also known as double mesh fence system which is extremely strong and rigid mesh fence system. Asfence provides wide range of fence accessories products like fence posts, rail end, wire tensioner, brace band across Turkey.

In the end, finding a Portable Fence with the appealing appearance and security does not need to be troublesome. Asfence security fences are used by majority of the people and other national business and contracting associations.

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