Welded Mesh Panels

Welded wire mesh can be manufactured with different mesh size and with different dimension. Welded Wire mesh panels are genereally used for gabion baskets and framed fences. Please ask for more information.

Where to Use

Other standrat straight wire welded mesh panels is used in versatile area and applications especileaaly for constructing framed panel fence.

Technical Details

Definition Options
Welded Mesh Panel Dimension 100 cm x 200 cm (standard) - ask for special dimension
Mesh Size 20x20 mm - 25x25 mm - 30x30 mm - 50x50 mm - ask for special dimension
Wire Diameter Ø2,5 mm - Ø3,0 mm - Ø4,0 mm - Ø5,0 mm - ask for special dimension
Wire Finisihing black - pre hot dip galvanised - ask for special process

Please visit our SOLUTIONS page for more details and drawings.

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