Portable Fence

Portable fences are manufactured from pregalvanised wires and pregalvanised CHS Profiles. And welded points is sprayed with Zinc. We can manufacture special dimensioned portable fences depending on your request. But You can see our standard products dimensions below.

Where to Use

Portable Mobile fences are usually used as temporary fence. The most important features of the portable fences which are used in concerts, construction sites, meetings, demonstrations and similar areas are easy installation and de-installation.

Available Dimensions

Match each cell in a row to define your product need.
Height Length Welded Mesh / Infill Vertical Post Horizontal Rail
175 cm 200 cm 150 x 50 x Ø4 x Ø4 mm Ø48 x 2 mm Ø42 x 2 mm
200 cm 250 cm 250 x 50 x Ø4 x Ø4 mm Ø42 x 2 mm Ø32 x 2 mm
240 cm 300 cm 250 x 100 x Ø3 x Ø4mm Ø42 x 1,5 mm Ø32 x 1,5 mm
240 cm 350 cm 250 x 150 x Ø3 x Ø4mm Ø42 x 1,2 mm Ø32 x 1,2 mm

Please visit our SOLUTIONS page for more details and drawings. Portable fences are manufactured in 2 types as Tube profile framed and square profile framed. In general, panel fence, trapezoidal sheet, flat sheet and steel mesh are used in its interior material. It can be produced with Playwood and water contra also in accordance with special manufacturing demand.

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