Panel Fence

Panel fences are manufactured from pregalvanised wires and polyester coated after welding in our standard manufacturing. There are bendings in the panelfence to make it more rigit and durable. You can easily install panelfences via using square profile or circular profile with appropriate fixing accessories. We can manufacture panel fences with special mesh size and special wire diameter and special dimension and colour.

Where to Use

Panel fences can be used in residental or industrial areas. You should decide the height and also type of installation the post the ground.

You can select post with fixing plate - in this option you have to prepare the ground with smooth concrete surface with thickness minimum 12 cm.

If your ground type is soil; you have to put the post underground minimum 40 cm and fill with cement.

Technical Details

Definition Options
Wire Diameter Ø4 mm - Ø4,5 mm - Ø5,0 mm - Ø6,0 mm - Ø7,5 mm
Height 50 cm - 75 cm - 100 cm - 120 cm - 150 cm - 170 cm - 200 cm - 220 cm - 243 cm
Length 200 cm - 250 cm
Coating Black Wire - Pre Galvanise - Polyester Coated
Post 50 x 50 - 60 x 60 - Ø60
Fixator Metal Clips - Polyamid Clips - Polyamid Bracelet - MEtal Bracelet
Mesh Size 50 x 100 mm - 50 x 150 mm - 50 x 200 mm

Please visit our SOLUTIONS page for more details and drawings. Panel fences is generally used with 50x50x1,5 mm square profiles as post. And fixator options are polyamid bracelet or metal clips.

You have also options 60x60x1,5 mm post. And fixator options are metal bracelet or metal clips.

You have also options Ø60x1,5 mm / Ø60x2 mm post. And fixator options are metal bracelet only.

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