AsGrassy Chain Link Fence

Grassy fences are special building material used for decorative purposes to prevent the interior visualisation from outside.

Where to Use

Generally applied with panel fences, via this way fence will be more rigid.

Please contact to us for different color and different height dimensions

Technical Details

Definition Options
Wire Diameter Twisted Wires of Ø1,6 mm
Height 100 cm - 120 cm - 150 cm - 200 cm
Roll Length 10 meters
Coating Galvanized Wire - Fullfilled with Special PVC material for grassy affect. Non Falmmable & UV resistant
Mesh Size 45 x 45 mm

Please visit our SOLUTIONS page for more details and drawings. Panel fences is generally used with 50x50x1,5 mm square profiles as post. And fixator options are polyamid bracelet or metal clips.

Image Gallery of Work